Search engine optimization (SEO) is not technically advertising. However, it still costs money and time. If you run out of time but you have money, an SEO agency is an option. However, if you run out of money, here are some SEO tips to help you with your evaluations.

Master the art of keyword research:

It's simple, but people complicate things. Do not assume that you know what the market wants. It is assumed that you know the tactics of your sector, but that the language used can discourage your prospects. Keyword search provides an understanding of the language your consumers want in your products. The best keyword tools provide a demand score that helps you assess the targeting value of each keyword theme. "Google Keyword Planner" is a good keyword research tool.

Know the competition:

I recommend that you research the most important service product you offer and observe important websites in the search results. Look for companies that share your business model. Here are some questions to ask yourself when you visit their website:

1.What are they good at?
2. What themes do they have that you do not have?
3. Do they build their website different from yours?
4. Do they have incredible features to engage their prospects?

Finally, with respect to understanding competition, I would recommend that you visit your company's social media platforms to find out what consumers think.

Plan your site:

Once you understand what your customers want and the keywords they use to find your products and services, you need to identify the pages on your site to answer them. I recommend that you stay organized by keeping an Excel document in order to be able to control what works and what does not work. When I started, I created 10 different websites with different keywords for each. I used "Google Analytics" to track the website, which had better traffic than others, and discarded those that were not effective.

Here is a list of additional tips to help you optimize:

1. Discard anything that distracts your consumers from your main message.
2. Write for "humans first" and "search engines" next.
3. Write unique and relevant meta-descriptions.
4. Connect with other reputable sites

In conclusion, it is important that I say that SEO takes a lot of time to master. However, if you are constantly working on it, you will get incredible results.

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