Too many people tend to think that SEO is about getting links. The truth is that this is just a small aspect of search engine marketing. It's so much more. Search engine marketing is actually a much more comprehensive approach to increasing the reach of your online business. You must use social media and blogs to make your site a success with online consumers.

Use SEO marketing and social media to create a brand

There was a time when you could simply climb the search engine rankings by looking for links and focusing only on the ranking of specific keywords. These days are long gone. The old ways of using search engine marketing just do not work anymore.

There is simply too much competition for keywords that can give your site a higher ranking. Today, SEO efforts should use new methods such as social media marketing. Social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter will help raise awareness of your brand. A good SEO marketing can get the name, the image and the logo of your company before millions of people.

Use SEO Marketing to Earn Web Traffic

Search engine marketing is ineffective if you rank high for keywords that no one is looking for. Increasing web traffic is one of the key goals of a successful marketing campaign. There should be more people and search engines browsing your site than before launching your SEO efforts.

One of the easiest ways to get this increase in traffic using Search Engine Marketing is to use social media sites. SEO marketing should give you a bigger presence on major social networks. Facebook fan pages, Twitter tweets and Squidoo lenses should be centers that consistently report targeted traffic to your online website.

Use SEO Blog Marketing to Promote Your Business

Any company that wants to succeed in the online market should consider creating a blog to promote their efforts. Blog marketing is a powerful marketing tool because they are free to start and help generate more traffic to your existing site.

Good free content is attractive to almost all online readers. You can join your blog to your company's website and make your site more user-friendly. Blogs are also a great SEO marketing tool because search engines like frequently updated sites. The articles in your blog are likely to be indexed at a much faster rate, which will make your site a success in the search engines. Do not underestimate the power of blog marketing.

Use Web Analytics to Enhance SEO Marketing Efforts

If you want to make your website and blogs better known, you need to spend some time on your web analytics. You must know which pages of your sites are winners and which ones are losers. This will help you increase your web traffic and sales figures. Here are some things to look for in web analytics.

- Top pages landed on
- Top pages out of
- average time on the site
- Reference sources

SEO marketing has many hidden benefits beyond simply building links. It's about establishing an online presence via social media sites and other powerful influences. The links can come and go, but the impact of a successful marketing strategy should leave the mark of your website on the Internet for years to come.

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