Keyword research is the first and most important step in every marketing plan. This is one of those activities where the choice of tools determines success. Here are the 8 most powerful and effective SEO tools for keyword research that you should definitely use:

1. AdWords Keyword Tool

You enter some of your keywords and the tool provides you with a list of keyword suggestions along with traffic and competition statistics for each search phrase. The tool was originally designed for pay-per-click advertisers, but it works just as well for organic SEO research.

2. Keyword builder based on Google search

A Google SEO tool that suggests keywords based on what users are actually searching for on Google. This tool can be used in two ways: you can enter basic keywords, such as with the AdWords Keyword Tool, and get keyword ideas from it, or you can specify your website's URL, suggestions he thinks relevant to your niche.

3. Discovering keywords

Aggregates search traffic statistics for all major search engines and generates new keywords based on these data. The tool offers advanced keyword research features, such as keyword efficiency calculator, competitive search, and pay-per-click bid evaluation.

4. Wordtracker

Another popular SEO tool that works the same way as keyword discovery tools and AdWords, the difference being that Wordtracker uses metasearch engines, such as Dogpile, to evaluate the number of keyword searches and suggestions keywords. MetaSearch engines are special search portals in which each user query is rendered in several search engines, for example. Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask and others, and the search results of all these search engines are compiled into a single list.

5. Google Suggest

It's not strictly a keyword research tool, but it's still a great way to discover new search terms that you may not have. When you go to Google and search for something, you'll see a toolbar with keyword suggestions that pops up as soon as you start typing your query in the search box. This is the Google Suggest tool. The keyword suggestions you get are based on search queries made by real users, making this information a gold mine for any online marketer.

Keep in mind that when you're signed in to your Gmail account or other Google service account, keyword suggestions usually blend with search queries you've already made that are of little value to you.

Overall, using Google Search is a bit tricky and impractical because you can not copy the suggestions and write them on paper first, but you can use them much more efficiently with other tools. SEO, like Rank Tracker (described below).

6. Yahoo! Help with research

A keyword tool from Yahoo! it works exactly as Google suggests. If you're targeting Yahoo! Search Traffic This tool should definitely be in your arsenal because search trends differ on both search engines.

7. Request TypeAhead Search Suggestions

Same as Yahoo! Search Assist and Google Suggest only by Ask.

8. Rank Tracker

This powerful SEO tool gives you access to all the keyword research tools listed above. You can generate keyword suggestions using any of the tools in the list and use additional keyword search mechanisms, such as word blender, common misspellings, and more. The tool calculates the KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index) which indicates the popularity of each keyword. how difficult it is to get a high ranking. You can choose different sources to get search traffic data from: Google AdWords, Keyword Tool, Wordtracker, etc. By comparing aggregated statistics from multiple sources, you can get a better idea of ​​the number of people actually searched for each keyword.

Rank Tracker is not only a powerful keyword research tool, but also an advanced ranking checker that allows you to search for new keywords and monitor the positions of your website without having to switch between different applications.

Here are some of the most popular and effective SEO tools for keyword research. The data you can get from each of them gives you unlimited marketing potential. Used correctly, this preview will give you considerable visibility for your website and sales. And when they are combined, the effect of these keyword research tools for SEO tenfold. So go get them, have them work for your final result and I wish you good luck with your business!

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