Backlinking is one of the most important parts of any SEO campaign. The more links you have on your site, the better it ranks in the search engines and the higher your site will get in the search results. You could have the best site to search that anyone has ever seen and without backlinks, nobody would ever know that your site exists.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are simply links from another site that refers to your site. Search engines love backlinks and search engine spiders follow links to your site and index the page, making it easier for people searching online for your site. Each link returned by a site that refers to your site is like a vote of confidence for your site. The more backlinks you have, the more votes your site receives and the more popular your site becomes.

Where can I add backlinks?

Backlinks can be added to signatures in forum posts, blog comments or in the resource box of a written article. Messages on forums and blogs only take a few minutes, but articles take time to write. It's always a good idea to add value to your posts, comments, and articles, and to make sure people who read your words want to know more to follow the link and click on your site.

When making a comment on a blog or website for the first time, it's a good idea to read the article and make your comment a very valuable part of the conversation. Try to engage readers of this particular site to respond to your comment by asking a question or expressing an opinion and asking what readers or the site owner think from your point of view. Webmasters love the moment when their readers become involved in the content of their site and this almost guarantees that your return link will become a permanent part of the site to which you are linked.

How can I add a backlink?

To add a return link simply, add this code to the comment area of ​​the site to which you are adding a link.

<a target="_new"href=""> Your keyword </a>
Replace with your site and the keyword with your keyword.

Article marketing is a great way to get highly targeted, long-term links back to your site. When you write an article on a specific niche, people interested in this niche will look for information about your subject in the search engines. Articles are full of content and words that search engines like to index, because that's how people search online by typing words into a search engine. At the bottom of your article is your link to your site.

Because your article and the information a person is looking for is about the same topic that is being searched for, the traffic generated by the articles is specifically targeted to their interests. This makes your traffic highly targeted to your offer or niche.

Articles can be published in article directories by adding more backlinks and other website owners republish your articles on their sites and broadcast your backlinks again and again. The more backlinks on your site, the more your site ranks on the page of a search engine.

Create a Google Alert for keywords. When you want to categorize a web page, set up a Google Alert for that keyword. Choose to receive your alerts from blogs. Whenever someone posts a blog

which contains this keyword, Google will send you an alert in your email. You can then click on the blog and add a comment. This will save you traffic and help you rank higher.

Social media sites are another good way to get additional links. Sites such as Twitter and Facebook are indexed several times a day, because a considerable amount of content is added to them daily and the search engine spider will find your links and follow them on your site.

Backlinking can be outsourced for someone to make backlinks for you. If you outsource your links upstream, be sure to appeal to a company that will build your links backwards gradually. Instead of adding thousands of backlinks overnight as a backlinking software

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